Welcome to Colleen's 50th Birthday

You can't half tell it's Colleen's party with this page's balloon theme.  Which leads us to the delicate subject of gifts.  There is absolutely NO obligation for a gift.  But after 50 years you have collected a lot of things you want and there are only a few things you still want.  So this is an attempt to give our friends and family a guideline to the things that Colleen likes and dislikes.

Party time!

Some suggestions -
bulletVases - Various size - Blue or Clear (not bud vases)
bulletCandles - Various sizes - scented, with vanilla as a favourite
bulletGift vouchers for plant nurseries
bullet Rast Brothers +61 2 9144-2134 or +61 2 9449-9040
bullet Sherringhams
bulletGift vouchers from Grace Bros.
bulletGarden ornaments
bulletUnbreakable poolside-ware
bulletGlasses - all sizes
bulletWater jugs
bulletWind chimes (weatherproof) - various sizes

We will update this list on www.czarnik.org/party so check regularly.

Or you can contact Larry - czarnik@compuserve.com or ph/fax +61 2 9875-3497

But he's still trying to work out what to give Colleen as well, so ...

Interactive map to the Thornleigh Community Centre

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