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Christmas Party

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way …

Come & Join us for some Christmas Cheer



bulletSaturday 17th December 2011
bullet1 Albion St, Pennant Hills
Click here for Google map.

(Right click on blue teardrop to get directions from your place to ours!)
bulletFrom 1:00pm
bulletBBQ gets fired up just before 4pm
bulletHat & sunnies
bulletSwimmers & towel if you wish to swim
bulletSocks without holes (see note below!)
bulletLight jacket or hoodie if weather is cool
(we will be outside but under cover)
bulletSpecial drinks
(Some red & white wine provided)
bulletA plate of something –
please complete the following
(note: (1) indicates still available, (0) indicates someone is already bringing!
Please don't plan to bring until we confirm back to you in e-mail.)

Czarnik Party Form


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bulletTo protect our polished floors – no shoes please
bulletNo smoking in the house or on the covered deck


RSVP by Wednesday 14th December 2011
bulletby completing above form and select press to send.



If you don't hear jingle bells you are not using Internet Explorer!

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As always we are thankful for your friendship and visit

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Or you can contact us - or ph/fax +61 2 9875-3497

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Click here for Google map.
(Right click on blue teardrop to get directions from your place to ours!)
Note: NO RIGHT TURN into Albion St while heading north on Pennant Hills Rd.

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