Welcome to Larry's 50th Birthday

Some opportunities are too good to miss and this is one of those times. Yes, it’s time again to celebrate another 50th birthday.

Because you are special in our lives, Larry and I would love it if you could join us for this very significant celebration on Sunday 26th September 2004 in Sydney.

We are holding this party at our newly renovated residence in Pennant Hills.

Good food, good wine, good music and of course only the best company, we guarantee you will have a memorable time.

The theme this time is “Beach Party”. Not sure it will be warm enough to swim, but gives you lots of ideas to work with. A further suggestion is to bring your slippers (NO treads, leather soles or heels please). Not only will you be very relaxed but our new polished hardware floors will “thank you in advance”.

Your attendance would sure be very special to Larry.  Which leads us to the delicate subject of gifts.  There is absolutely NO obligation for a gift.  But after 50 years you have collected a lot of things you want and there are only a few things you still want.  So this is an attempt to give our friends and family a guideline to the things that Larry likes and dislikes.

Party time!

Some suggestions -
bullet Gift vouchers for Lifestyle Store (Home Automation, Home Theatre) (Aptly named don't you think?)
bulletContact John Kranitis (or speak to Anthony Mourad)
bulletMobile: (0407) 442-142
bulletE-mail:  john@lifestylestore.com.au
bulletVisit: Shop 8, the Junction
        2 Windsor Rd
        North Paramatta
bulletPhone: 02 9683-7222
bullet Gift vouchers from Myers

We will update this list on www.czarnik.org/party so check regularly.

Or you can contact Colleen - czarnik@compuserve.com or ph/fax +61 2 9875-3497

But she's still trying to work out what to give Larry as well, so ...

Interactive map to 1 Albion St, Pennant Hills
Note: NO RIGHT TURN into Albion St while heading north on Pennant Hills Rd.

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