Czarnik Pages Symbol Legend

Explanation of symbols and small graphics used on this site.

Caution - Road Closed Ahead ! Where this symbol appears to the left of a link, it means that the link may no longer be valid.  This site was created some time ago, and with the volatile nature of the web, some old links just will not be around any longer.  While every effort will be made to find the new version of the link, we include this symbol as a caution that, to date, the link is still broken.

Link to page on WWW - link to an external site.  Contents of external sites are not the responsibility of Czarnik Surname Resource Centre.  Typically selecting this link will open a new browser window.

Password Required - link to an external site that will required a username / password for access.  (See E-mail for access)

E-mail for access - link to e-mail address of person responsible to gain access to a site protected by username / password. (See Password Required)

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