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To all visitors to Czarnik.Org,

Welcome to MyPalm™, the easy, free and secure way for you to manage your life online:
bulletOrganize your schedule, contacts and tasks.
bulletFind your favorite events, add them to your calendar and invite your friends.
bulletRemind yourself and others of important dates and events.
bulletSynchronize information on MyPalm with your desktop or handheld organizer.
bulletWirelessly update your Palm VII handheld computer.
bulletSchedule meetings easily via email with friends or business associates.
bulletCoordinate group events and share information.
bulletPlan a party, create personalized invitations, and track what guests are bringing.
bulletGet a snapshot of all your online accounts in one place so that you can keep
tabs on your frequent flier miles, credit card balance, stocks and more.
Access your personal information wirelessly:
bulletOrganize your schedule, contacts and tasks.
bulletWirelessly update your Palm™ VII series Date Book.
bulletDownload web clipping applications for your handheld computer, allowing you to
wirelessly access key information ranging from flight schedules to movie listings.
Please remember that passwords are case sensitive. For your security, change your password periodically. You can change your password or customize your MyPalm profile in "Preferences" found on the MyPalm tool bar.

Invite others to join MyPalm, so you can easily make plans with them. Just enter their email addresses in the online invitation below, then click on "Invite My Friends". They will receive the following message inviting them to join MyPalm.

From: Lawrence Czarnik
Subject: Lawrence has invited you to join MyPalm

I just joined MyPalm, the free online personal information service. MyPalm has a calendar, address book, event directory and reminder service, and it enables us to schedule appointments via email. Sign up now and we can make plans more easily.

(separate each email address with a comma)

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