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FROM: Debbie Turner
TO: Larry Czarnik
DATE: 21/01/01 05:47

Re: CZARNIK SRC - Your SRC is Being Added!

Hi Larry,

Welcome to the SurnameWeb family! You've done a super job on your site.

I have updated our records and your site will be added as the official CZARNIK SRC within the next few days. Here is the information for your SRC listing. Let us know if you feel any changes are necessary ~ especially in the Comments area because I would expect you can better describe your site and functionality! If you wish to be listed under any additional variants of your surname that are covered by your SRC, just let me know. (You can add to those at any time.) 

** URL:
** Title: Czarnik Surname Resource Centre
** Webmaster: Larry Czarnik
** Email: 
** Comments: This site is focused into two major sections - the first relating directly to research about the surname Czarnik; and the second to help everybody who is doing any sort of family tree / genealogy research. Site Features: Mission; Family Trees; Family Photos; Surname Queries; Databases; Meaning & Origins of the Name; Downloads, including the Database; Archives - Research, Records, etc.; Surname Researchers; Czarnik Home Page Links; General Genealogy Links; Czarnik List; How to help. Name variations covered by this site: Czarnetsky, Czarnetzke, Czarnick, Czarnik, Czarnikow, Czarnke, and Zarnke 
** Surnames: Czarnetsky, Czarnetzke, Czarnick, Czarnik, Czarnikow, Czarnke, Zarnke

As your listing is processed as the CZARNIK SRC, the CZARNIK Surname Registry page Link to page on WWW will be reformatted and you will have the prominent SRC listing and link to your site at the top of the page. Similar registry pages will also be built and updated for each one of your variant spellings. 

In addition, the following pages will be created and have links from the CZARNIK Registry page:

-- CZARNIK WEB PAGE Links Road closed ahead
Will have a listing and link to any CZARNIK site that is submitted.
-- CZARNIK ORIGIN Page Road closed ahead  
Will have any information submitted regarding the origin of the CZARNIK surname.
-- CZARNIK RESEARCHER Listings Road closed ahead  
Will have a descriptive listing and email link to anyone who submits their CZARNIK research interests. 
-- SUBMISSION PAGE Link to page on WWW 
Where visitors can submit new sites and information that will automatically be displayed on the Web Page Links, Origin page, and Researcher Listings.

Again, the registry pages for the variants you submitted will have the same type of links.

I have also requested a address for you. Once it is operational Dennis or I will notify you. Based on your last email, it will be set up to forward your mail to . If you ever need your forwarding address changed, all you need to do is just notify us!

At this time, let me introduce you to some extra features that may be of interest to you.

** We offer Query Boards and Chat Rooms to our SRC hosts. If you would like one set up for CZARNIK, please let us know.

** Another part of the SurnameWeb is, called appropriately, the Surname Ring. This ring has been created due to the requests of other members of the SurnameWeb. It will link only to Surname sites on the web, like yours. To find out how to join our ring

** "AccessGenealogy" Link to page on WWW is our newest area. This site is meant as a starting point for those interested in genealogy. From here you can find links to a variety of information and records, including archives, libraries, bible, biographies, cemeteries, census, church, court, directories, emigration, immigration, gazetteers, land, property, maps, military, naturalization, citizenship, newspaper, periodical, probate, surname, taxation, vital, and voting. The "AccessGenealogy Online Community" offers researchers free website space, web-based e-mail account, instant messenger, etc!! 

If you have any general questions or comments please send them to , and one of the team-members will get back to you. If you have specific SRC questions feel free to contact me at .

Congratulations on your site and Best Wishes for continued success. I hope that we can provide your site many hits in the future.


Debbie Turner
SRC Coordinator Link to page on WWW
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