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Just in case you are bit apprehensive about live online help buttons and services, we thought a couple more words would be helpful. 

Live online help buttons are a great new innovative implementation of technology that allows YOU a way of contacting us direct. There's nothing for you to download.

If the button reads "Live Assistance", "Chat now", Operators are Online" or "Click for a real person", then when you click on the button,  it just opens a little pop up browser window running a Java Script that initiates a chat request.  If we haven't stepped away from our computer, we will respond and be able to "chat" to each other by typing.

If the button reads "Back in 5 minutes", "Leave us a message" or "Operators are offline", it means we have stepped away from our computer.  Clicking on the button will set up similar window, where if you include your e-mail address, we will get the message you type as an e-mail message.

In some cases we may wish to be proactive and offer you assistance.  You will get such an invitation as a pop up button that will appear or travel across your browser window.  Just click on this button and it will initiate the same "chat" window as mentioned above.

If you want to see this in great detail, feel free to visit Tovegin partners with Cyracle Internet Customer Service, HumanClick or LivePerson. Let them know Tovegin sent you.

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