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Did you ever wonder what happened to the village green ?  And what happened to the people that chatted to their neighbours while going about their business? As we move more and more into the "electronic" age, an effort will need to be made to ensure that the community of the closely knit village can continue.

OUR Community                OUR Community

In an effort not to loose that special something, Tovegin Pty Ltd, is providing a "virtual" community.  Some place to go and meet, to find special things and eventually we'll even have a "village green" where discussions can be held about just about any topic (we call it on the Internet - a discussion "forum").

In the mean time, wander around.  If you don't see what you want, ask us by e-mail ( .  Or use the webmaster's address at the bottom of each page.

Watch the "What's New" page for what's happening.  Or for a casual visit, start with our Members page and then our Projects page.  For a full list of our site visit our Contents page.  Or you can search for keywords or any text appearing anywhere on our site using our Search page.  And last, but by no means least, let us know what you think from our Feedback page. (Or you may choose to navigate our site using the buttons at top, left and bottom.)

Now just for a cup of virtual Milo ....

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