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bullet New 14 August, 2006
bulletAnd the 2/18th Battalion uncovers a plaque with the translation of it's motto.  Check out Community - Projects - 2-18th Battalion (A.I.F.) Association.
bullet 03 February, 2006
bulletPleased to announce a new service - Carpentry & Maintenance by Shane @ Expressway.  Visit Community - Maintenance
bulletLynette Silver has a new web site.  Visit Community - Author to get the details.
bulletAnd the 2/18th Battalion History site is now available.  Check out Community - Projects - 2-18th Battalion (A.I.F.) Association.
bulletAnd a community volunteer gets recognition.  See Community - Thornleigh - Jan 2006 - Frank Fayers
bullet 20 October, 2003
bulletA new community "project" has taken shape in Thornleigh with the proposed massive redevelopment of Parkway Plaza.  Click here to read more ...
bullet 12 July, 2003
bulletUpdated -
bulletCommunity - Family Tree with details of Family Tree Maker, Broderbund's genealogy software that is easy to use and allows publishing your family tree & associated info to personal free space on the internet.
bullet 05 July, 2003
bulletUpdated -
bulletCommunity - Council with some more local area links.
bulletCommunity - Quick Links with our new change detection notification system.
bullet 04 December, 2002
bulletUpdated Tools of the Future to Help Remember the Past with some further links to aid in research of similar material.
bullet 19 October, 2002
bulletResearching your family tree?  A special limited time offer of a trip to your homeland available at  See special banner on Community - Family Tree - Ancestry.Com.
bullet 17 October, 2002
bulletNew "Project" - Major new rail links being established in Sydney.  See Community - Projects for links direct to their own sites.
bullet 10 October, 2002
bulletUpdated the link for Sydney Paralympics to reflect the new historical reference on the Paralympics site.  See Community - Olympics - Official Links.
bulletMoved to new hosting provider.  If any gremlins introduced, please let us know via Community - Feedback.
bullet 28 September, 2002
bulletCorrected some text links to Myfamily.Com in Community - Family Tree.
bullet 16 September, 2002
bulletResearching your family tree?  A special limited time offer of 3 for 2 subscriptions available at  See special banner on Community - Family Tree - Ancestry.Com.
bullet 13 September, 2002
bulletAdded one further web site link and consolidated our September 11 entries on the Community - Good Ideas page.
bullet 11 September, 2002
bulletAdded "Portraits" from New York Times.  See Community - Good Ideas
bullet 05 September, 2002
bulletAdded Olympic Aid and World Sports Forum references to Community - Good Ideas
bullet02 July, 2002
bulletLynette Silver reprints via WaterMark Press, the only book about the Battle of Vinegar Hill.  For more info about Lynette, visit Community - Author
bulletAdded a 11 September, 2001 Memorial reference to Community - Good Ideas
bullet22 February, 2002
Created an interesting new "project" - Community - Good Ideas.  Check it out and let us know what you think.
bullet06 February, 2002
Corrected various typos, updated Community - Feedback to advise of required fields and use of e-mail, and updated links on Community - Family Tree.
bullet23 January, 2002
We are excited to announce that StreetSigns now has its very own web site at !  Please visit there and change any bookmarks you may have, as the pages related to Community - Street Signs  on this site will no longer be updated.  However the pages here will be retained for historical context.
bullet15 November, 2001
Thanks to a site visitor's contribution, we have a link to Hornsby's Lisgar Gardens on Community - Council.
bullet06 October, 2001
bulletHornsby Community Bank updated with article from Hornsby Advocate.
bullet Web Storage update with special announcement.
bullet1 Aug, 2001
Hornsby Community Bank project seeks interest & pledges with a flyer - Hornsby Community Bank - Interest / Pledge
bullet30 July, 2001
Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG) have supplied us with their May 2001 Bulletin , June 2001 Bulletin, and July 2001 Bulletin  Catch up on the battle to save open space !  Is YOUR government doing what YOU want them to !
bullet27 Jul, 2001
Major update of Community - Street Signs, an effort supported by emergency service authorities.
Addition of new links (and updating old) on Community - Council
Update links in Community - Tools of the Future to Help Remember the Past
bullet21 Jul, 2001
Article on Community Banks in local paper added to Community - Bank section.
Updated some of the links in Community - Council page and Community - Olympics section.
bullet11 Jul, 2001
Expand Our Community - Members to include Banking.  Read Community - Bank for exciting news about Banking by the local community !
bullet10 Mar, 2001
Updated Web Bookmarks with new program.
bullet07 May, 2001
Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG) have supplied us with their Apr 2001 Bulletin
bullet06 Mar, 2001
Updated the Community - Council page with link to Hornsby District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.
bullet19 Feb, 2001
Great news for Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG) as a result of the WA elections.  See Scarborough - Feb 2001
bullet20 Jan, 2001
Added another research site, to Our Community - Family Tree page.
bullet2 Jan, 2001
Happy New Year / Millennium to all !  All the best of everything !
Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG) have supplied us with their Dec 2000 Bulletin (with meeting on evening of 11 Dec !).  Read the IMPORTANT news !
bullet12 Dec, 2000
Check out the special banner at Family Tree for free access to Ancestry's more than 2750 databases and more than 900 million names to all of our visitors for December 7th through December 21st.
bullet21 Nov, 2000
Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG) have supplied us with their Nov 2000 Bulletin (with meeting on evening of 21 Nov !)
As well we have updated Community - Author with mention of an article "our" author, Lynette featured in.
Update our Community - Council page with a link to one of our local volunteer fire brigades, Cherrybrook Rural Fire Brigade.
bullet6 Oct, 2000
Corrected phone number on Community - Author
bullet2 Oct, 2000
Added the Olympic athlete's charity web site, Olympic Aid to Olympics - Official Links and updated a search form on our Family Tree page.
bullet28 Sept, 2000
For those of you still trying to figure out where all the events are held and which buildings, we have some pretty nice maps of Olympic Park (this only includes events right around Homebush Bay).  See Community - Olympics
bullet16 Sept, 2000
We updated Your Olympics web site, in particular Olympics - Official Links with a link to Newsphotos, a source of photos of the torch relay (and MUCH more) as well Olympics - Other Links, with some of our own photos in Olympics - Gallery.  Enjoy.
Later addition - Olympics - Gotchas on how IOC don't understand the Internet.
bullet5 Sept, 2000
Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG)
have supplied us with their July 2000 Bulletin and rebuff of a local paper article by providing - SHOSAG's The True Story
As for the Olympics, it's hard to keep up, but check out Olympics - Official Links (NBC & a daily newspaper !),  Olympics - Gotchas (some prices up, some venues and roads down !) for updates.
bullet18 Aug, 2000
As you would expect, there was lots more to add to Your Olympics web site.  We've added some more links on the Olympics - Official Links page - one on the venues (OCA), security (OSCC), and a couple about transport (CityRail and Transport Infoline) and one on Olympic merchandise.  A new link on the Olympics - Other Links, Olympic Commerce Centre, provides info on how businesses may benefit from the Games.  On Olympics - Food 4 Thought we've added some ideas about Telecommuting (working from home) and on Olympics - Gotchas we added something about Crowds & Dates as well as Traffic Routes and High Security Zones.
bullet15 Aug, 2000
Beyond the hype and commercialism is an Olympics you might like to call your own.  So we introduce Your Olympics web site with links to all the sites you could ask for !
Also updated Council with a link for Hornsby Apex Club.
bullet22 July, 2000
Check out Inspiration. Some "backroom" work has been completed at Executive Books and now the service has been updated to include many new benefits including quantity discounts, video and audio samples.  New subjects have been added including health & fitness and investment.  New price discounts are also available through the quantity pricing program.
bullet19 July, 2000
Updates to Family Tree & fixed images on Family Tree - - Site Activities
bullet10 July, 2000
Updates to Street Signs for article appearing in Sydney Morning Herald (link to SMH article - (link to SMH article - The new sign language - Sydney Forum (Features & Arts)
bullet20 June, 2000
Updates to the Web Bookmarks service offering.
bullet14 May, 2000
1) added a service to provide 50Mb of disk storage on the web for FREE !   50Mb Storage
2) updated the Street Signs story with the latest photo
3) updated the Scarborough High Open Space Action Group (SHOSAG) with their latest activities, including a flyer and the submission to the government.
4) added the new link for the 2/18th Battalion (AIF) Association's web site.  See the bottom of Tools of the Future to Help Remember the Past
bullet25 April, 2000
1) Expand our Family Tree section with a user web site for sharing photos, family tree info, and even a family wide calendar.
2) Update the progress of Street Signage
3) Created a new section Quick Links for quick and easy access to our affiliate sites reference here in Our Community.
bullet18 March, 2000
Bookmarks not on the computer you are using?  We have a solution - Web Bookmarks.
Belmonte's Pizzeria's pages expanded.  Check out Belmonte's - "Home"
bullet12 March, 2000
We have added the promised shopping cart to our Inspiration by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones page.  Check it out.
bullet10 Dec, 1998 Our Community site established.
Tovegin Pty establishes a web site for the local community.  The place to visit to meet the locals.
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