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Sharing photos, etc. by Myfamily.Com

An important part of our community is the family. And an important part of the family is it's history, often portrayed by the family tree.  

We believe two components are - to research, and to share.  Click RESEARCH or SHARE to find out more.


Would you like to be able to share a photo album, family calendar (of birthdays, anniversaries and other special events), family history features, message boards, and much, much more on the web ?  Without any knowledge of HTML ?  You can !  With your own FREE, private website!

Upload your family tree! Your own FREE, private website is a unique Internet service dedicated exclusively to families. Currently, more than 1 million people around the world use and stay connected with their family. 

Note all links above and the banner below will direct you to the set up wizard on the site.  If you want a further description of the site and screen shots, click HERE.

Free family Web sites!
For Free !

Upload your family tree!

Family Tree Maker - If you are interested in some genealogy software for your PC, we personally use and recommend Broderbund's genealogy software, Family Tree Maker.  We have found it easy to use with a wide range of features, especially allowing publishing your family tree & associated info to personal free space on the internet.  We will eventually devote a separate page to the software, a user's group that is forming, assistance, etc.  In the mean time we offer -

bullet cover Family Tree Maker Version 10 from
(Once you get there, you may want to browse around at the different versions, including Version 11 due on our around 17 Sept, 2003)  Click here for larger pic of box.
bulletA downloadable free file viewer.  Use this if you have a Family Tree Maker file but not the software.
bullet Viewer V 6.0 for Windows 95/98 (scroll down the page)
bullet Viewer V 8.0 (No web pages document this.  Download of a .exe will start on click).

For more information on how we use the Family Tree Maker software, the user group, etc., contact


But how do you find out about your family tree ?  From family members no doubt.  But how about finding the official (or unofficial) records about various family members.

The more we look around, the more we realise there are LOTS of places to research your family tree.  We recommend -

bullet (the link to the left goes straight to the site. Here for more info below) (the link to the left goes straight to the site. Here for more info below) (the link to the left goes straight to the site.  Here for more info below)

A great place to start is searching databases that specialise in this info.  One good starting point is -


Search over 500 Million Names Now!

First Name

Last Name

Or just to check out the site -- Discover Your Family!

Some limited time offers below !

Ancestry Homeland FREE Trip Sweepstakes!

Act Now...Limited time offer!!!



Our ancestors have wandered the globe, and often left us with only one clue to trace their heritage, their surname. One site has become a central location for surnames.  They have established (and help others establish) Surname Resource Centres, where all the information available on a surname can be centrally located.   The SurnameWeb links to all these Surname Resource Centres on the web.  There are over 2100 so far, where you can go to meet your "cousins".


And maybe, if you have a web site of your own, you may want to promote SurnameWeb yourself.  If so, then click on the banner below.

Have your own web site ? Become a SurnameWeb affiliate !


Dedicated to bringing you the best and most comprehensive resources and services available on the Web. For beginners, it is a fun and easy way to learn about genealogy. Start with Family Explorer and take our family history tour to learn all about discovering your roots. You can even create your own family tree and personalized home page FREE, without buying any software. All researchers will want to take advantage of tools such as the Internet FamilyFinder, which indexes a wealth of family information and records on the Internet -- over 420 million names! There's much more, including classes and articles, web freebies, and an "Ask the Genealogist" column -- take a look at the home page to see for yourself. 

(Banners above will vary but all are related to  )

Please report any broken links or slow page loads via Community - Feedback.  We appreciate it!

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