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In 1998 the Minister for Education, Colin Barnett, pre-empted the local area planning process and announced the closure of the Scarborough Senior High School ignoring the school population and the needs of local residents. In an attempt to silence opposition to the closure he promised the "…gymnasium, swimming pool and public open space would be retained for general community use…".

In 1999 this promise was broken. The gymnasium, swimming pool and school buildings were demolished despite protests from the community.

The scandalous waste of public money continues with about 200 truck loads of recyclable materials worth up to $80,000 from the school site going to the tip. In fact, the whole school except for few truck loads of furniture and timber went to the tip. And what does the community have to compensate for such a loss? Nothing to date but broken promises!

AND NOW the Government proposes selling the school land to private developers for 151 houses .


We have submitted an alternative proposal to the Government which would keep the Scarborough High School land for the people. We have designed a Concept Plan which includes retaining the sports grounds, rebuilding the tennis courts, basketball courts and cricket nets; a picnic and barbeque area with water, paths and seating, a skateboard ramp, rollerblade trail, half court tennis; cycle paths and a native garden. This would become the:



We have made a submission for funding to construct playgrounds (including a playground suitable for children with disabilities); a gazebo; seating; barbeques and landscaping. If we are successful we will continue to pursue other sources of funding to fulfil the community’s vision for this magnificent site. This land is Crown Land, it belongs to the people of WA. We must not allow it to be sold.


We owe it to our children to ensure there is space for them to play, pursue recreation and sport and in the future to build another high school to replace the one stolen from us.


The Minister for Planning Graham Kierath, has before him a proposal to change the zoning of the school site from Crown Reserve to Urban. Have no doubt – if this rezoning is approved, within months the land will be sold to the highest bidder and lost to the people forever. You can write to Mr Kierath at 2 Havelock Street, West Perth, 6004 - ask him to withdraw the amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme.

We have met with our elected Members of the Legislative Council and have received support from Ed Dermer, Ken Travers (ALP); Giz Watson (Greens); Helen Hodgson (Aust Democrats); Mark Nevill (Independent); Jann McFarlane MP and John Quigley ALP Candidate for Scarborough.

The Shadow Minister for Planning, Alannah MacTiernan has promised the Labor Party, with the support of the Greens and the Australian Democrats, will block the rezoning when and if it comes before Parliament.

We can still save our public open space for the community.

If you would like to join us, attend our next meeting on Monday 8 May at 7.30pm at the Newborough Primary School Library.

Enquiries: Chris 9341 7222 or Colin 9446 3176

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