May/June '07 in Oz

Stanley Czarnik visits Australia in May & June 2007

 Stanley, along with eldest grandson, Ross Czarnik and Ross' girlfriend, Kristina Verenich, visited Larry & Colleen in Sydney Australia during May & June of 2007.  Click here for their calendar of activities.

What has to be the highlight of this trip was Stanley, Ross and Larry climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  While general details of the bridge climb can be found at, we'd like to mention some of our climb specifics -

bulletStanley, Ross and Larry chose the "Bridge Climb" on Monday 14 May, 2007 at 3:05pm.  This took us on the bridge so that the girls could photograph us from the south east pylon lookout before it closed at 5pm, yet we could witness the sunset from the top of the bridge (called the early twilight climb) which occurred at 5:03 PM.
bulletThe route of the climb takes about 3½ hours and we finished at the base about 6:30pm
bulletAnd we are proud to present the photos that were taken at the top of that bridge climb by the climb leader (with much guidance from Stanley!)

Then there were over 2000 digital photos taken by Stanley with his new Nikon D70s which we hope to eventually include here on the web site.  This doesn't include the 100's of digital photos (and some short videos) taken by Ross Czarnik.  We may even feature some of the digital photos taken by Larry, but you can see Larry's old collection at Czarnik Family Website     (send e-mail to if you forgot or don't have a username / password).

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