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Funny, it wasn't until a recent story to a client, how best to determine if you need cable internet, that we realized we had quite a few web sites, and a few had changed over the years.  So the table on this page was born.  We'll change and add to it as we come across dates and info that might be missing.  But trust us, it's not high on our priorities to  keep updated.  Guess we will really have to at least go back and change them so they all point to this, our "master site".

Oh, by the way, if you want to read the Czarnik story of the progression from early days e-mail before the internet (yes it DID exist before the Internet) to the current WWW, here it is - "The REAL Highway to the Internet". 

Note: All links on this page are Link to page on WWW (links to an external sites) and open in a new browser window.

Our various personal web sites

  1. Pegasus Australia
Czarnik's WWW Home Page - Welcome Caution - Road Closed Ahead ! June 1995
  1. Microplex
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's ACS Pegasus Homepage .  
  1. OptusNet / Excite
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's ACS Pegasus Homepage .  
  1. CompuServe
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's CompuServe Homepage . Dec 1995
  1. Access One
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's Access One Homepage . Aug 1998
  1. OzEmail (A1)
. . .
  1. UUNET (WorldCom)
. . Mar 1999
  1. MSN
. Caution - Road Closed Ahead ! Mar 1997
  1. Telstra Big Pond
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's Telstra BigPond Homepage . Nov 1998
  1. OzEmail
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's OzEmail Homepage . July 1998
  1. OptusNet/Excite
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's OptusNet Homepage . Mar 1999
  1. Optus@Home
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's Optus@Home Homepage . July 2000
  1. ZDNet
Welcome to Larry & Colleen Czarnik's ZDNet Homepage . Sept 2000
  1. Czarnik.Org
Welcome to Larry and Colleen Czarnik's Main Homepage . 1 Jan 2001

Notes:  Historically the ACS (Australian Computer Society) was supposed to be one of the 1st to give us a "transportable" web site and e-mail address.  Well, the e-mail address may still work, but as you can see (the first web site in the table above) isn't being dealt with the way it should have been.  And because of that, the hard work don't by one member, Caution - Road Closed Ahead ! ACS Member Home Page Index, as you see, is no longer working.

Our various other personal web sites

In the vast WWW there are so many places where you are offered a page or a site that you could come to forget where they all are.  These are not "main" sites as above, but sites where we have become a "part" of another site or the option is there for you to "login" to establish a "My Site".  Where it is possible, and security is not compromised, we have linked directly to the page with our reference.


Genealogy (Our Family Tree !)

bulletCzarnik Surname Resource Centre (
 This is our peak site and you will find most of the others below categorised in finer detail.
bulletLarry & Colleen Czarnik's Family Tree Home Page (Family Tree Maker /
bulletLarry & Colleen Czarnik - In Australia, but from Michigan US (
bulletThe Czarnik Surname Message Board (
bulletThe Czarnik Genealogy Center (
bulletLawrence Czarnik - Find A Grave


bulletCzarnik Family Gallery (Tovegin)
bulletCzarnik Family Gallery discussion forum (Tovegin)
bulletCzarnik Family Website Password Required (  E-mail for access email us for access
bulletWelcome to Lawrence Czarnik's Loft (
bulletDancing with North American Indians in Vancouver Canada (PhotoWorks)

Directory Entries

bulletProfile for Larry Czarnik (Yahoo)


bulletCzarnik Web Cam site (SpotLife)
bulletLarry & Colleen's special song (short) (courtesy of Celine Dion) RealPlayer 8 Basic is Free !
bullet The Power of the Dream - Celine Dion (.mp3 format) Use Winamp for .mp3 files - it's FREE !
bulletThe Power of the Dream - Celine Dion (.wav format - CAUTION - LARGE - 47MB)
bullet The Power of the Dream - Lyrics
bulletCzarnik's Personal Music List


bulletCzarnik's Public Bookmarks (Blink)


bulletFun with Czarniks

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