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Czarnik records / archives from Poland

Content here will depend on the input of those researching in Poland.

Format is flexible.  If you have suggestions on how to do this differently (or it exists somewhere already on the web) then contact us by visiting the Czarnik SRC - Feedback page.







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Czarniks in the News

Why are we not surprised to find Czarniks in Poland in the news.  Well, here we are -

bulletCzarnik SRC - Archives - Poland - News - Oswiecim - 9 June, 2002

Czarniks on the Map

We know of Czarniks living in Zaborˇw near Rzeszˇw.  See Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland - Maps - Maps of Zaborˇw.


Czarniks in the Census

Again the format is flexible. There are an infinite number of ways to do this. Here we could put in all the Poland Czarniks in the census, or we could put together a table by the year of the census, and link to another page where the actual records are. We could also put all the records here until there is a lot of information and then make a table to index it and make it more manageable.

Czarnik Births

Czarnik Marriages

While the following appears to be birth records, the provider of the info and the webmaster agree since it supports the info about the marriage of a Rosaliae Czarnik, it is best placed under Archive - Poland - Marriage.

Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland - Marriage - Rosaliae Czarnik

Similarly we add a images -

bulletCzarnik SRC - Archives - Poland - Marriage - Adalbertus Czarnik - printable
bulletWill print OK in landscape.
bulletCzarnik SRC - Archives - Poland - Marriage - Adalbertus Czarnik - magnified
bulletUse this one to review details in a large image, but it's not easy to print.

Czarnik Deaths

Czarnik Wills and Deeds

Czarniks found in Cemeteries

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