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Surname Researchers

The purpose of this page is to list all known Surname researchers.

The following is the current format used.  If you have suggestions on how to do this differently (or it exists somewhere already on the web) then contact us by visiting the Czarnik SRC - Feedback page.  Please pay particular attention to the Points of Note below when asking us to include you as a Researcher on this page.

Researcher The part of the Surname family being researched
Larry Czarnik
PO Box 108
Pennant Hills, NSW
Australia 2120
Web Page:
Michal Czarnik - Born Poland about 1860, died about 1934.

Points to note:

It is a requirement that you supply

  1. a postal mailing address (can be suppressed if good reason provided),
  2. an e-mail address, and
  3. a web page address. 

Some people using the web may not have e-mail accounts. (e.g. using a friend's computer).  Though that has to be more and more unlikely these days given the proliferation of free web based e-mail accounts available.

It is important you also provide web page (if they have one). A web page is on the web 24 hours a day. An e-mail address is only good when the person is checking their e-mail. People go on holidays, etc. Sometimes it could take days, to weeks to hear back.

We do our best to maintain this list.  It is of value to know this information at a later time, as people have a habit of moving. They move everything from the web page (or change web page address), change their e-mail address, or change their street address. Hopefully they won't change all three at once !

The best researcher indexes allow a person visiting the page to quickly determine who their closest cousins are. The info can be arranged -
bulletgroup the researchers by family. or
bulleteach researcher posts a brief query, or
bulletprovide a very brief ancestor chart, up to seven or eight generations listing only the father, grandfather, etc.
bulletAn example of the last arrangement is:
bulletDavid L. Beck
.Paul Wayne Beck b. living
..Frank Preston Beck b. living
...John Milton Beck b. date and place
....Alfred Roger Milton Beck b. date and place
.....Joseph Ellison Beck b. date and place
......John Antrim Beck b. date and place
.......James Beck b. date and place
........Henry Becke came to America 1650

As an aside, the Czarnik (and related) Surname Researchers Index was covered in an external page, Surname Researchers Link to page on WWW, which no longer exists. While the above is a reasonable attempt to recreate that, it once again goes to prove the caution one should take in using FREE web sites for your genealogical information. If you have no backup copy and the free site just "disappear" one day, you are left with ....

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