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In Profile -

Well no prizes for guessing who is the Yank and who is the Aussie !
bulletSo who are we ?
bulletName: Larry Czarnik & Colleen Higgins-Czarnik
bulletAge: Yes ! It is inevitable, so enjoy it !
bulletOriginally from:
bulletLarry - Detroit, Michigan (MI), USA
bulletColleen - Perth, Western Australia (WA), Australia
bulletQualifications: Yes !
bulletCurrent Studies: Life
bulletCurrent Position: Computer, Management and Marketing Consultants
bulletLocation: 1 Albion St, Pennant Hills (Sydney), NSW, AUSTRALIA 2120
bulletInternational Phone/fax: +61 2 9875-3497
bulletOr what is more practical, given that you are "surfing" the WWW, is to e-mail us at the following address -

bulletwhich is the same as our old Internet address format for an account on CompuServe with an ID # 75160,2324

Well, now that you know how to get a hold of us on the Internet and you know where we hail from, maybe you would like to know a little more about us. So ...
bulletInternational business, especially -
bulletNew Zealand
bulletPeople's Republic of China (PRC)
bulletNostalgic - These are either computers or their manufacturers' that we either worked for or ones we enjoyed using that aren't around any more
bullet Burroughs which of course is now Unisys (Which Colleen actually contracted to for a short period many years later).  Some links we are aware of -
bullet Burroughs Historic Timeline
bulletCaution - Road Closed Ahead !Burroughs Plymouth Alumni
bullet Burroughs Alumni Web Site
bullet The Burroughs B200
bullet Unisys History Newsletter
bullet Did you know ?
bulletespecially digitalEquipment VAX and Personal Computers
bulletearly on, with SHARP Electronic Diaries / Organisers (known by model name IQ in Australia or model name Wizard in USA) and looks something like - Sharp Wizard
bulletwas until recently (2000) very actively involved with the Australian Chapter of DECUS Australia Inc.
bulletColleen was the Chairman of the Board (since 1997), and was Vice-Chairman in 1995 & 1996 and a Board Director since 1990.
bulletLarry was the Treasurer (since 1998) and a Board Director since 1996.  Prior to 1996 was the Chairman of the SIG (Special Interest Group) Council (made up of the Chairmen of all 12 SIGs) and was also Chairman of the PATHWORKS/Internetworking SIG.
bulletCurrently using -
bulletnow with a Palm Inc (formerly part of 3Com) Palm V - Palm Vand M515
bulletand now Toshiba particularly their laptop - Satellite 5105.
bulletAnd learning the "Best of the Best" in a number of languages.
bulletLife !
bulletFamily Tree & History
bulletHelping Aussies better understand Yanks and Yanks better understand Aussies.
bulletUnder construction is a comparison of Australia and USA, starting with a map overlay !!!!
bulletOh, of course, the Internet and the World Wide Web
bulletInternet for the Layman -- This is Larry's first major attempt at getting a WWW page up from scratch. Recently a series of articles were published in a weekly paper. The articles attracted Larry's attention, because they assumed very little technical expertise when talking about computers, and lead the reader through an introduction to the Information Superhighway. The articles are not meant to be reproduced here, in fact what this started out to be was just a text file of various notes from this series including some WWW references. If you are going to list the WWW references, you ultimately want to view them. With a download of Microsoft Word's WWW page markup extension, this text file developed into the page you are about to see. The weekly paper happened to be the Australian Catholic Weekly. If the source offends you, then don't look ! But if you want links to some of the coolest WWW pages, then be my guest. Acknowledgments on the page.
bulletOther "Cool" (but old) links and miscellaneous information obtained from a variety of sources to make remembering and accessing them easier.

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