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Queen of Peace, Normanhurst, Broken Bay Diocese, NSW Australia

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12-14 Mar, 1999 Various Veritas Weekend
28 Feb, 1999 Mary Zore Prayer
14 Feb, 1999 James Chegwidden The Mass Explained
24 Jan, 1999 Anthony English God our Father
10 Jan, 1999 Fr. Little The Shroud of Turin
18 Dec, 1998 . Christmas Party combined with Veritas Castle Hill
13 Dec, 1998 Various Young Adults Day at Toongabbie
6 Dec, 1998 Various The Catholic Faith Explained.
22 Nov, 1998 Christine Wood The Word was made Flesh
8 Nov, 1998 Fr. Joe The Interior Life
25 Oct, 1998 Lucy O'Connell Why do I need to go to Confession ?
11 Oct, 1998 Robert Haddad Four Dogmas of Our Lady
27 Sep, 1998 Francis Young Early Christianity in Rome
19 Sep, 1998 Fr. Andrew Robinson Dr. Jesus. He's running out of patients...
13 Sept, 1998 Anthony English. Angels
9 Aug, 1998 Robert Haddad to be advised
12 July, 1998 Eamonn Keane Human Vitae, 30th anniversary of this controversial Church document.
14 June, 1998 . Trivia night in the hall
10 May, 1998 . to be advised
19 Apr, 1998 Cathy  Swan The Triumph of the Holy Cross
13-15 Mar, 1998 . Weekend at Bowral
8 Feb, 1998 Anthony English The Holy Spirit: the Great Unknown
Mtg @1pm w/ BBQ
14 Dec, 1997 Fr. Anthony Benal The Life of Christ
9 Nov, 1997 Eamonn Keane The Priesthood
12 Oct, 1997 Anthony English Who is Mary ?
27 July, 1997 Quintiliano Neto Mok East Timor Fundraising

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Thanks to all those who attended our $$Fundraiser$$.

Quin nervously touches the scar on his forehead when he remembers the five days he was held prisoner by the military in Indonesia.

"In 1994, East Timorese student Quintiliano Neto Mok, presented himself to the Indonesian military to speak on behalf of a group of 35 students who had been captured. As a result, he was interrogated and tortured for five days. "The group had been protesting against the Indonesian government in Jakarta..." (Catholic Weekly, 8/6/97).

Quin is a 29 year old East Timorese student who has suffered great torture under the Indonesian military. Now he is in Australia, still working for the freedom of East Timor. His efforts in trying to promote Australian solidarity with East Timor have taken him all over NSW.

Quin has a wish for the near future - to represent the Catholic youth of East Timor (a rapidly growing number) at the World Youth Conference being held from the 18th - 25th August in Paris. East Timor as yet does not have representative for the World Youth Day. However, Quin's only setback is lack of funding.

Veritas Normanhurst Young Adults Group supported Quin in his quest by holding a BBQ Day on Sunday 27th July. Special guests on the day were Quintiliano himself and Sr Susan Connelly who gave a talk on the current situation in East Timor. The BBQ was straight after 9.3Oam Mass from 10.3Oam until 2.3Opm or thereafter. Cost was $5.00.

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