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On July 1st, 2009 the two parishes of Queen of Peace, Normanhurst, and Our Lady of the Rosary, Waitara, came together to form the one parish, Hornsby Catholic Parish.

This Queen of Peace web site is NO longer being updated but remains for historical purposes only!
Please see www.hornsby.dbb.org.au/ for current information and communications
in relation to the Community of Queen of Peace Church, Normanhurst.

Unofficial site - All information below for historical purposes only

Celebrating 38 years as a Parish !

Queen of Peace Parish started on the 2nd Sunday of May, 1971 in Loreto Chapel and stayed for SIX years.  In July, 1977 we moved into our present church, so we had a 25th anniversary in 2002.  Click for more on QOP Background & History

Queen of Peace Church celebrates Silver Jubilee !

Click above for details on the celebrations we had for our 25th anniversary.


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Contact Information

Queen of Peace
18 Stuart Avenue,
Normanhurst, NSW 2076

Parish Priest:
Father Francis Vaughan
Presbytery Telephone:
Refer to www.hornsby.dbb.org.au/ for telephone #
Parish Co-ordinator:
Patrick Tierney
Office Telephone and Fax:
Refer to www.hornsby.dbb.org.au/ for telephone #

Electronic mail address: czarnik@compuserve.com

Web address - current: www.tovegin.com.au/normanhurst/

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Mass Times

Weekend Mass times:

Daily Mass times:

Reconciliation (Confessions):


Stations of the Cross (during Lent)


Eucharistic Adoration (Exposition of Blessed Sacrament):

Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms:

Masses other than English:

St Vincent de Paul Society:

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Parish School


Senior School:

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Parish Groups

There is a church secretary and many groups in the parish as follows:


Social and Care:

Serving the Parish:

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Formation of new Parish Committees:

In accordance with Bishop David Walker's wishes, the parishes of the Broken Bay Diocese will standardise their structures and include the following committees. In keeping with the Bishop's wishes, Normanhurst is forming the committees by seeking volunteers. Some have been asked to participate. Those who are involved  are listed below. Eventually the groups listed above could be sorted into the appropriate group below.

Parish Council
Bernard Richards
Cathy McNamara
Brian Roach
Freda Garnsey
Kevin Allport
Roland Cassar

Finance Committee


Sacramental Co-ordinator
Patrick Tierney
Click here to see more on the Normanhurst Sacramental Program

Family Life - to learn what the Diocese requires of such a group
Maree McLeod
Sandra McBride

Evangelisation - to learn how such a group would work in a parish
Gill Osborne

Social Justice
Anne Whenman
Diane Buckley
Damar Walsh


The Aged

Kevin Petherbridge
Click here to see our Normanhurst Youth Ministry section.

Ecumenism - to organise gatherings with other Christian denominations
Maureen Harrison
Greg Baynie
Cathy McNamara
Louis & Chimene Hortense

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Background and History

Visit our new, more complete history section.

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Thanks to The Catholic Weekly for the photos below, from it's issue, Vol 52, No. 2966 dated Wednesday, Sept 1, 1993. Appears the original photos or negatives don't exist, so a colour scanner was used to capture the photos direct from an original copy of the paper so they could be shown here.

Inside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Inside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Outside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Outside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Click here to visit our growing gallery

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Activities of Note

World Day of Prayer - 2003

This year our Parish hosted the World Day of Prayer in our local area.  It took place on Friday, March 7th at 7:30pm in our Church.  This is an ecumenical event which the three Christian Churches in Normanhurst (Anglican, Uniting, Catholic) take turns to present.  As the hosts for 2003 it was wonderful to have a strong representation of our parishioners at the evening.

25th Anniversary of the Queen of Peace Church at 18 Stuart Ave, Normanhurst.

On Friday 25 October, 2002, 7:30pm, Queen of Peace - Normanhurst had a a dinner in the church hall to celebrate the 25th year of our church.  There was no charge, the celebration is on the Parish.  Wine cask, fruit juice and soft drinks were provided, otherwise it was BYO.  It was a happy gathering.

Parish Exchange - Aussie BBQ & sing-a-long

Another major QOP Normanhurst Social event of 2002!  Friday, 15 Nov, 2002: 6:30 to 10:30pm.  Queen of Peace welcomed St. Thomas a'Beckett, Canton (near Detroit) Michigan USA.  Over 40 parishioners travelled with their Parish Priest Fr. Kelly (yes a good Irishman) and visited Australia.  They wanted to meet some "locals".  So a BBQ, drinks and sing-a-long was arranged for the evening at the QOP Parish Hall.  For more info contact czarnik@compuserve.com or phone 9875-3497.

An aside - Fr Kelly is the Parish Priest for St. Thomas a'Beckett, where Larry Czarnik's parents are parishioners.

30th Anniversary of our Parish

In July 2001, Queen of Peace - Normanhurst celebrated the 30th anniversary of the parish.  There were two functions to celebrate.  The first was on Friday 29th June 2001, in the Church Hall at 7:30pm.  The second was on Sunday 1st July, 2001 in the Church Hall after 9:30am Mass.  Food and some drinks were provided.  There were two sheets in the Church Porch.  On the appropriate sheet, names and the numbers of persons attending were listed.

Click here to see photos of the celebration.

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Links to Other Sites

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Diocese of Broken Bay Australian Catholic Bishop's Conference Australian Catholic University The Catholic Weekly St Vincent De Paul Society Catholic Enquiry Centre of Australia
Catholic Online (USA) Loreto Normanhurst - special friends to QOP IUBILAEUM A.D. 2000 - Jubilee Year 2000 (ACBC reference !)
ACBC letter !
Australian Political Ministry Network Ltd - 'Influencing Public Policy For The Common Good' The Holy See - Vatican Web Site .Hearts Awake - Carmelite sisters

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10 Jan, 2017
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Refer to www.hornsby.dbb.org.au/ for telephone #"

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17 Feb, 2009
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23 May, 2003
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Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Parishioners, Current and Past.

25 Jan, 2003
*  Updated Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Sacramental Program with details of the 2003  Programme.
*  News about World Day of Prayer at QOP.  See Activities of Note for details.
*  Added PolMin to Links to Other Sites.  PolMin's recent announcement -

"Independent Australian Catholic lobbyist, the Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin), today launched its new website. We invite members of your Parish community to visit the website and participate in the valuable work undertaken by PolMin.

The Australian Political Ministry Network Ltd (PolMin) is a national membership organisation committed to bringing about systemic change in Australian society through the influencing of public policy for the common good in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching.

Recently during a meeting with a group of bishops from Brazil, Pope John Paul II said that the Church can contribute to political discourse in the way it applies its social doctrine to public questions, and that Church's most appropriate contribution is its body of Social Teaching, which is designed "to facilitate the formation of the Christian conscience and the implementation of justice in human coexistence".

14 Oct, 2002
*  Updated Queen of Peace - Normanhurst with details of the 25th anniversary celebration for the church and the Parish Exchange on 15 Nov, 2002.  See Activities of Note for details.

10 Sept, 2002
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26 May, 2002
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13 May, 2002
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*  Added Pastoral Council members.
*  Added Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Choir Program

04 April, 2002
*  Added new reciprocal link to nearby parish.  See Links to Other Sites for more detail. 

29 March, 2002
*  Detail now firm for 1st youth event - A BBQ - Check the special section for Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Youth.
*  More details and enrolment form for First Reconciliation and Communion on the Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Sacramental Program pages.
* New Site Features - Site Contents and Site Search.  Check them out to help you find your way around the Queen of Peace - Normanhurst web site.

14 March, 2002
*  Updated the special section for Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Youth.  Check there for details of our upcoming Youth BBQ.
*  Also added details about the upcoming Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Sacramental Program

19 February, 2002
*  Creation of special section for Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Youth Ministry, including survey.
* Add time / date for Stations of the Cross during Lent.
* Add name of Sacristan
* Provide details of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Parish Family Groups activities.

05 October, 2001
*  Introduction of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Parishioners, Current and Past.  Please have a look and e-mail czarnik@compuserve.com with comments or contributions.

30 June, 2001
*    Photos of the 30th anniversary celebrations for your viewing pleasure.

29 June, 2001
*    Major update for the 30th anniversary celebrations.
*    Moved Veritas to their own site.

06 June, 2000
*    Update a few bits, including Catechists' names.

28 February, 2000
*    Inclusion of info on Veritas weekend - "Reasons for Hope II"

15 April, 1999
*    Inclusion of Loreto Normanhurst site in our "Links to Other Sites".  Very proudly included because of the long association with Queen of Peace Normanhurst.  Loreto is mentioned in more than 1/2 of the sections of our detailed history.
*    Full colour images of the invitation to the Concelebrated Mass on the occasion of Fr. Vaughan's Golden Jubilee are included in "Our History - Fr. Francis Vaughan PP - Golden Jubilee of the Priesthood".
*    Veritas section has been updated, including a history of speaker and topics since 1997.
*    Testing the inclusion of the Queen of Peace Parish Normanhurst Census form available for viewing (and printing)

QOP_census.jpg (390648 bytes) Click on the image to get the larger version, then use your browser's print command to print.  (Best if set to landscape mode).  Complete and fax direct to Queen of Peach Parish office.

18 September, 1998
*    Site is now relocated and updated in part to include
Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Our History which contains -
    Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Our History - Detailed &
    Queen of Peace - Normanhurst - Our History - Fr. Francis Vaughan PP - Golden Jubilee of the Priesthood.
Plans are to include -
*    some or all of the contents of the Golden Jubilee Mass booklet
*    remainder of 1998 event and the full 1998 event calendar for Veritas Normanhurst, our youth group.

15 September, 1997
* Added the plans for Father Vaughan's Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 20 October and 6 December.
* Updated the Veritas Young Adults Group with info on the 19 Sept. function.
* A glimpse of new committees / groups in the Normanhurst parish.

9 August, 1997
* Added next Veritas Normanhurst Young Adults Group function on 24 Aug - Dr. Lennon on natural family planning.
* Added a link to the ACBC letter on the Year 2000, Great Year of Jubilee celebrations.

26 July, 1997
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