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Normanhurst Youth Ministry

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As part of a Diocesan sponsored program to provide a Youth Ministry Program throughout the Diocese, we are looking at the re-establishment of a program for Youth in Normanhurst Parish.

Under the guidance provided by, Karen Lunney, the Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator, we are planning to start the programme in February 2002.

Who is it for? Initially for year 9 students and up including young adults

Why? To establish a core team of youth to develop and grow the programme.

The programme is for the youth of our Parish and we would like these young adults to drive the programme so that it provides what they need, within a Catholic framework: to enjoy themselves socially, develop their faith, get involved and share experiences.

Suggested Format: Short programmes of 4 to 8 weeks as advertised in the Parish Bulletin from time to time, with varying activities.

This will enable everyone involved to:-

  1. Attend those programmes of interest

  2. Provide a definite start and end to any commitment.

  3. Enable a mixture of social, educational and out-door activities to be organised and run at regular intervals, to cater for various interests.

  4. Provide the opportunity for a pool of people in the Parish (Youth and Adults) to become involved, without anyone having to make a lifetime commitment.

  5. Enable us to develop and document programmes that may be re-run from year to year.

The plan is to develop an organising team who will be responsible for developing and running programmes. The suggested structure of the team is 4 Youth and 4 Adults, (team members may change from one programme to the next) with Pat Tierney and Father Vaughan having a watching brief and providing guidance where necessary.

We would very much like this team to be able to draw on the skills we have within the Parish from time to time to provide guest speakers, topic facilitators, activity organisers and guides.

If you are interested in this initiative then we would welcome your feedback, so that we have the best possible chance to establish a sustainable programme that meets the interests of our Parish community.

Click here to review and if you like, participate in our survey.

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