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There are thousands of links to various aspects of Poland and the study of genealogy stemming from Poland.  Below find some that may be of assistance.  While we haven't reviewed all of them, we have used some of them or they have either been brought to our attention.  To submit a link, use our Feedback page.

We'll try and categorise them, but as you can imagine some sites will overlap or just not fit neatly into the category.  Also please note that we do not take any responsibility for content of any site we link to below.

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Podkarpackie Province specifically


Family Trees that have parts in the Podkarpackie Province


Poland - General Geography & Genealogy


Polish Resources being sought

bulletAffiliate Sites

bulletPodkarpackie Province specifically
bulletWelcome to Bukowsko, Poland! - web site about the town of Bukowsko
bulletBieszczady Mountains - web site about the mountain range in this province
bulletSongs and Dances from the Rzeszow Region
bulletDiocese of Przemysl, Sambor, and Sanok - from the Catholic Encyclopaedia
bulletOrthodox and Byzantine Catholic Parishes in the Lemko Region
bulletRed Ruthenia - a great site pertaining to this area!
bulletZolynia Memorial Site
bulletZolynia is in rural south-eastern Poland on the road between the larger towns of Lancut and Lezajsk. Includes maps and several name directories.
bullet Straszecin Parish (music alert - volume down!)
bulletOfficially dedicated in 1511 as Narodzenia Najswietszej Marji Panny, is located in southeast Poland adjacent to the city of Debica
bullet Directories of surnames in Straszecin Parish (music alert - volume down!)
bulletThese directories were created to assist family history researchers locate a surname in Straszecin Parish, Debica Township, Tarnow Province, Galicia.  Most directories were taken from the death records of the parish between 1800-1809.
bulletOficjalna strona Lubaczowa - Official web site for city of Lubaczów Site in Polish - Click for link to translation site
bulletHoryniec Zdrój - Web site for town of Horyniec  Site in Polish - Click for link to translation site
bulletStrona Roztocza Południowego - Web site for the Roztocze region Site in Polish - Click for link to translation site
bulletState Archive in Przemyśl - Przemyśl is a state (and more generally a region) within the Podkarpackie Province (refer to map on Welcome page - south eastern area).  The Archive gathers records from 1291 onwards.
bullet Welcome to Dynów, Poland! - web site about the town of Dynów.
bulletListing of churches in the province of Podkarpackie - Unfortunately this one is not just a simple link but a series of steps at a link to achieve the result.  We have placed it in our new Articles section.
bulletUsing Polish Internet phonebook - Another in our Articles section that gives an example of using the Polish Internet phonebook.
bulletFamily Trees that have parts in the Podkarpackie Province
bulletThe Czarnik Surname Resource Centre - Family originates in the village Zaborow, not to far from Rzeszow.
bulletDescendants of Asafat and Eva (ADAMCZYK) YAVORNITZKY - from Mshana, Krosno District, Galicia (now in Podkarpackie province)
(reciprocal link at http://www.progenealogists.com/yavornitzky/)
bulletThe Poetry of Avraham Ben-Yitzhak - this Jewish poet was born in Przemysl
bulletNarol (Lubaczów), Rzeszów, Poland - Families and Individuals originating from Narol (Lubaczów), Rzeszów, Poland.
bulletPoland - General Geography & Genealogy
bulletCzarnik SRC - Poland - includes links to maps, culture and history as well as translation & general genealogy links.
bulletCyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Poland / Polska - A resource of hundreds of links in over 15 categories.
bullet Catholic Dioceses in Poland - Listing of all diocese with formal address, e-mail and web sites where available.
bulletPoland Border Surnames - A site devoted to those researching genealogy in the former historical borders of Poland including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moravia, Hungary, Russia, the Balkans, and East Prussia.
bullet History of Polish Surnames - The 10-volume, 6000+ page "Slownik Nazwisk" (History of Polish Surnames) by Rymut is now online! It's in Polish, but if you use the InterTran translation site (mentioned on Czarnik SRC - Poland), you get a pretty good translation into English (or most other languages).
bulletOne hint, if you need to use a diacritic on a letter in spelling a surname to look up and can't, use an * or ? symbol instead. The "Szukaj" button means "search".
bullet Address and Phone Directories
bulletLink to online White Pages, and various directories for online organisations, including businesses, schools, churches, etc.  Some in Polish with English option, or others only in Polish.  (See InterTran translation site (mentioned on Czarnik SRC - Poland).
A Question of Honor

While a book, rather than the traditional web site resource, we understand it to be historically accurate and maybe of some value.  The link takes you to Amazon.com where you can purchase after reading more.  Briefly ...

After the Nazis invaded their country in 1939, a group of Polish fighter pilots made their way to England to fight the Germans. They recorded one of the best records against the Luftwaffe and made a major contribution to winning World War II. Authors Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud tell this overlooked story in their book – "A Question of Honor." (Knopf).

bulletPolish Resources being sought
bulletPolish / English / Polish dictionary being sought for Palm (Handheld)
We [at Qvadis] anticipate that we will have one very soon, within 1-2 months. The release will be noted first in our once-a-month Express Review newsletter, You'll get a notice once the module you're interested in is released. If you don't see it within the timeframe, please feel free to contact us again. We are logging every request, so that we work on the ones that will have a greater audience first.
Best regards,
Team Qvadis (will start e-mail with subject set to ask about Polish dictionary)
bulletPolish dictionaries are still in preparation.  Team Qvadis dated 11 Aug, 2002

Please e-mail Team Qvadis (click on name - it will start e-mail with subject set to ask about Polish dictionary).  The more requests, the sooner it will happen.

bulletAffiliate Sites
bullet ProGenealogists
bulletWe have found this group of professional genealogical researchers helpful, particularly Natalie Cottrill.  And while we must formally say "Tovegin, PolandGenWeb and WorldGenWeb does not support or endorse ProGenealogists", we are sure you will find them helpful with a variety of services, not least of which is travelling to international destinations, including Poland for direct research!

ProGenealogists, Inc.

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