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What's New

bullet New 04 September, 2007
bulletUpdate Links and Structure pages with revised links.
bullet 30 September, 2003
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletReference to a great historical book on Polish pilots.
bullet 28 January, 2003
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletArticle on using the Polish Internet phonebook.
bullet 15 January, 2003
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletListing of churches in the province of Podkarpackie
bulletCreation of a new section - Articles
bullet 07 December, 2002
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletlink to web site about the town of Dynów
bullet 21 November, 2002
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletlink to web site for the State Archive in Przemyśl
bullet17 October, 2002
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletlink to web sites for the city of Lubaczów, town of Horyniec and the Roztocze region
bulletNote - where we use the Site in Polish - Click for link to translation site, it will indicate a web site in Polish, and if you click on the flag a new browser window will open with a link to a site that will allow translations of text and / or URLs.
bullet 07 October, 2002
bulletUpdate Links page with -
bulletStraszecin Parish and a directories of some its residents surnames, circa 1800
bulletOnline address & phone directories back from the PGW site help section.
bulletFamilies and Individuals originating from Narol (Lubaczów), Rzeszów, Poland.
bulletUpdated a promised link on our Structure page as well as providing an additional map of Galicia.
bulletA link to some historic photos, circa 1900, on our Gallery page
bulletDon't forget our interactive map link (under the picture of Zaborow on Gallery)
bulletPolish / English / Polish translation of web site or text - see InterTran translation site (mentioned on Czarnik SRC - Poland)
bulletSite has been moved to new hosting provider.  There shouldn't be any, but please report any glitches via Feedback
bullet 04 September, 2002
bulletInclusion of History of Polish Surnames on Links page
bullet 03 September, 2002
bulletInclusion of Catholic Diocese info and Polish Board Surnames as part of Links
bullet 31 August, 2002  
bulletAdded new "Affiliate Site" section to Links and included Progenealogists.
bullet 12 August, 2002  
bulletUpdated Links with details of status of Polish / English / Polish dictionary for Palm.
bullet 06 August, 2002  
bulletIncluded "Real Genealogy - Not Just Links" and "Created & Managed with Microsoft FrontPage®" logos on Welcome page.
bulletUpdated Podkarpackie Province - Structure with links to administrative districts and maps of Galicia.
bullet 05 August, 2002  
bulletUpdated Podkarpackie Province - Structure with some great historical information.
bullet 02 August, 2002  
bulletRefreshed the Welcome page layout and included a link to administrative policy.
bulletIncluded page change monitoring on our News page.  See above.
bullet 25 June, 2002  
bulletUpdated / corrected link to "Descendants of Asafat and Eva (ADAMCZYK) YAVORNITZKY of Mshana, Krosno District, Galicia" See Links for more info.
bullet 18 June, 2002  
bulletAdded comment about meaning of province name, with link to source.  See Welcome for more info.
bullet 11 June, 2002  
bulletAdded site on Zolynia (rural south-eastern Poland on the road between the larger towns of Lancut and Lezajsk.)  See Links for more info.
bullet 10 June, 2002  
bulletInclusion of new category links on Links that seek to fulfil a needed resource.
bulletInclusion of photo of Zaborow, Poland on Gallery with interactive map link.
bullet 09 June, 2002  
bulletLaunch of redesigned site.
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04 June, 2002
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04 June, 2002
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Subject: [PGW-ADMIN] new province coordinator for Podkarpackie

Hello, everyone,

PGW has a new coordinator for the province of Podkarpackie. Larry Czarnik has volunteered to host the province web site. His e-mail address is czarnik@compuserve.com . He is in the process of redesigning the province site. Either he or I will let you know when his pages are online. Let's all welcome Larry to PGW!


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