Queen of Peace, Normanhust

Queen of Peace, Normanhurst, Broken Bay Diocese, NSW Australia

Our History

With our parish having celebrated it's 20th anniversary in 1991, you can imagine that it was a time of reflection on our past.  From the links below we attempt to provide you with a both a flavour and some details of what we think is an interesting history for a medium size parish in suburban Sydney Australia.

Brief Overview Detailed History Fr. Francis Vaugan PP
Golden Jubilee of Priesthood

Background and History

Established: Parish began second Sunday in May, 1971.

Parish priest: Father Francis Vaughan, the first and only priest of this parish. And several months after the church celebrates its 20th anniversary on 31 July, 1997, Fr. Vaughan celebrates his golden jubilee as a priest. Yes, 50th anniversary as a priest, in November of 1997.

Number of parishioners: Approximately 2OOO.

Special parish features:

Parish milestones:

Projects of which the parish is particularly proud:

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