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Queen of Peace, Normanhurst, Broken Bay Diocese, NSW Australia

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Established 6 July, 1997


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Contact Information

Queen of Peace
18 Stuart Avenue,
Normanhurst, NSW 2076

Telephone: (02) 9481 0958

Facsimile:: (02) 9875-5017

Parish Priest: Father Francis Vaughan

Electronic mail address: czarnik@compuserve.com

Web address - current: www.hightide.net.au/tovegin/norman.htm
Web address - planned: www.brokenbay.catholic.org.au/norman.htm

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Mass Times

Weekend Mass times:

Daily Mass times:

Reconciliation (Confessions):


Eucharistic Adoration (Exposition of Blessed Sacrament):

Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms:

Masses other than English:

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Parish School


Senior School:

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Parish Groups

There is a church secretary and many groups in the parish as follows:


Social and Care:

Serving the Parish:

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Formation of new Parish Committees:

In accordance with Bishop David Walker's wishes, the parishes of the Broken Bay Diocese will standardise their structures and include the following committees. In keeping with the Bishop's wishes, Normanhurst is forming the committees by seeking volunteers. Those who have shown interest are listed below. Eventually the groups listed above could be sorted into the appropriate group below.

Parish Council

Finance Committee


Sacramental Co-ordinator

Family Life - to learn what the Diocese requires of such a group
Maree McLeod
Sandra McBride

Evangelisation - to learn how such a group would work in a parish
Gill Osborne

Social Justice
Anne Whenman
Diane Buckley
Damar Walsh


The Aged


Ecumenism - to organise gatherings with other Christian denominations
Maureen Harrison
Greg Baynie
Cathy McNamara
Louis & Chimene Hortense

And until after the year 2001 there is a group that will assist other groups in raising the awareness of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 and associated activities and resources.

Golden Jubilee of the Year 2000 (for Normanhurst) -
Larry Czarnik - 9875-3497 czarnik@compuserve.com

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Background and History

Established: Parish began second Sunday in May, 1971.

Parish priest: Father Francis Vaughan, the first and only priest of this parish. And several months after the church celebrates its 20th anniversary on 31 July, 1997, Fr. Vaughan celebrates his golden jubilee as a priest. Yes, 50th anniversary as a priest, in November of 1997.

Number of parishioners: Approximately 2OOO.

Special parish features:

Parish milestones:

Projects of which the parish is particularly proud:

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Thanks to The Catholic Weekly for the photos below, from it's issue, Vol 52, No. 2966 dated Wednesday, Sept 1, 1993. Appears the original photos or negatives don't exist, so a colour scanner was used to capture the photos direct from an original copy of the paper so they could be shown here.

Inside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Inside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Outside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

Outside of Queen of Peace - Normanhurst

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Activities of Note

Golden Jubilee Celebrations
An open meeting of parishioners was held on Wednesday, 27 August after the evening Mass, to discuss what should be done to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Father Vaughan's ordination, which occurs on 29 November, 1997. In consultation with Father Vaughan, it was firstly decided to have a special

MONDAY, 20 OCTOBER, 1997 at 7:30pm in our Church

It is hoped that Bishop David Walker will be able to concelebrate the Mass along with some of Father Vaughan's classmates.

The Mass will be followed by

in the Meeting Room and refreshments will be supplied.

After Father Vaughan returns from holidays, it is proposed to hold a




The following Committees have been established to make the various arrangements


Pat Kirkwood - 9489-2783
Joe Pulis - 9489-2668
Larry Czarnik - 9481-8076
Des Kelly - 9481-9665
Col Thompson - 94845508


Bernie & Mary Richards - 9481-0086
Brian Kennedy - 94841883
Phil Shirley - 9875-1640
Carmel & Ken Daniels - 94873511


John Bolster - 9876-3520
Pat Goddard - 94896900
Keith Clegg - 94847108
Phil Kirk - 94847108
Damer Walsh - 94845275


Brian Roach - 94843672
Pat Arnett - 9487-6558
Ken Ryan - 94844507
Carmel Daniels - 94833511

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Veritas Normanhurst Young Adults Group
The Veritas Young Adults Group has recently become very active. Lots of things are planned in the coming months. The next function is -

19 Sept - Fr. Andrew Robinson talking to us on
Dr. Jesus. He's running out of patients...
Call Yvette, Paul or Greg to confirm meeting location.

RSVP to:
  • Yvette Hanna 9489 2920 (or 017 912 755 mobile)
  • Paul FitzGerald 9481 8671
  • Greg Woodbury 9484 7551
Thanks to all those who attended our $$Fundraiser$$.

This is what you missed -
"Quin nervously touches the scar on his forehead when he remembers the five days he was held prisoner by the military in Indonesia. "In 1994, East Timorese student Quintiliano Neto Mok, presented himself to the Indonesian military to speak on behalf of a group of 35 students who had been captured. As a result, he was interrogated and tortured for five days.
"The group had been protesting against the Indonesian government in Jakarta..." (Catholic Weekly,

Quin is a 29 year old East Timorese student who has suffered great torture under the Indonesian military. Now he is in Australia, still working for the freedom of East Timor. His efforts in trying to promote Australian solidarity with East Timor have taken him all over NSW.

Quin has a wish for the near future - to represent the Catholic youth of East Timor (a rapidly growing number) at the World Youth Conference being held from the 18th - 25th August in Paris. East Timor as yet does not have representative for the World Youth Day. However, Quin's only setback is lack of funding.

Veritas Normanhurst Young Adults Group supported Quin in his quest by holding a BBQ Day on Sunday 27th July. Special guests on the day were Quintiliano himself and Sr Susan Connelly who gave a talk on the current situation in East Timor. The BBQ was straight after 9.3Oam Mass from 10.3Oam until 2.3Opm or thereafter. Cost was $5.00.

Watch this space for the full 1997 Veritas Calendar.

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St Vincent De Paul Society
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What site
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The Holy See - Vatican Web Site

Send us mail at czarnik@compuserve.com to let us know what sites you would like to appear here.

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Comments and Suggestions

If you are comfortable with using electronic mail, please send comments about Queen of Peace, Normanhurst home page to czarnik@compuserve.com or

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What's New ?!

15 September, 1997
* Added the plans for Father Vaughan's Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 20 October and 6 December.
* Updated the Veritas Young Adults Group with info on the 19 Sept. function.
* A glimpse of new committees / groups in the Normanhurst parish.

9 August, 1997
* Added next Veritas Normanhurst Young Adults Group function on 24 Aug - Dr. Lennon on natural family planning.
* Added a link to the ACBC letter on the Year 2000, Great Year of Jubilee celebrations.

26 July, 1997
Queen of Peace, Normanhurst has it's Internet World Wide Web page loaded at it's temporary address

Visit us soon and let us know what you think and what else you would like to see on the pages.

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