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The "Interested in Czarnik Surname" mailing list
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Formal Rootsweb list name - Czarnik

The -L version of the list is the standard list and send members of the list 1 e-mail for every message posted to the list.  We recommend this since our list will NOT have a high frequency of messages.

The -D version of the list is a digest list.  This means that 1 or more messages will be combined depending on two factors.  Currently the digest version will collect all messages in an 18 hour period, or when the digest becomes larger than 32K.

Topic: the Czarnik surname and variations as listed in Czarnik SRC - Mission.

There is a Web page for the Czarnik mailing list at 

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at

PLEASE ensure you remove any signature block or any text other than the word subscribe or unsubscribe in the body of the message.

If you like you can put your name and location (i.e. city, state, country) in the Subject field.



Clicking on one of the shortcut links below should work, but if your browser doesn't understand them, try these manual instructions: to join Czarnik-L, send mail to with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body. To join Czarnik-D, do the same thing with
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To leave Czarnik-L, send mail to with the single word unsubscribe in the message subject and body. To leave Czarnik-D, do the same thing with
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bulletUnsubscribe from Czarnik-D (digest)

bulletArchives. You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them, going from one message to another. Some list archives are not available; if there is a link here to an archive but the link doesn't work, it probably just means that no messages have been posted to that list yet.
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