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Interested in Czarnik Surname
Distribution List

Over the years we have met a few people, all of whom have the same interest - the Czarnik surname.  So we established a private "Interested in Czarnik Surname" distribution list.

Previously the we used to maintain the list ourselves.  But on 14 May, 2002 we switched to a more automated list.

We also maintained a particular privacy policy for that distribution list.  As it was manually sent by e-mail, the message was sent with the e-mail addresses sent using "blind carbon copy" (BCC). This way everyone gets the message but knows no ones e-mail address but ours.

With the automated list, we are still able to maintain a similar policy.  No one else can see the subscribers addresses but us.

The exception used to be when you request to be added, a reply will be sent to you and BCC the others on the list. This way newcomers e-mail addresses will become available to the existing subscribers once and they can reply to you directly if they wish.

We can and will still do this for people who e-mail us directly with queries, (we can include their e-mail address in the text of our message).  We can also do this with the current setting for the automated list of being "moderated".  This simply means that all messages to the list, including subscriptions, come to the moderator first.

The only intention here is NOT to vet any mail message, but to protect the privacy (and flooding) of list subscribers' mailboxes.

This is the way that our "old" distribution list worked.

Any message that is NOT spam or otherwise offensive, will then be sent on to everyone in both mail and digest mode.

If you have any questions about this distribution list you can either ask your questions in response to the message in the Czarnik Surname Message Board, Invitation to join "interested in Czarnik surname" distribution list. Link to page on WWW or by e-mail to

An aside about the use of the message board:
When using the message board, be assured that no one will be able to obtain your e-mail address.  In the message board,  you can easily NOT provide your e-mail address in a reply to any message or post of new message unless you specifically do so in the text of the message. Once you do specifically state your e-mail address in the forum, you can consider your e-mail address is public. Remember ANYONE can see this message board.

While in the new "Interested in Czarnik Surname" distribution list, it is no longer simply a list of e-mail addresses held, it will still only be used in the manner described above.

To add your e-mail address to, or removed your e-mail address from the "Interested in Czarnik Surname" distribution list, select the button to the left or click Czarnik SRC - Interest List - Add or Remove from List

To post a request, enquiry or ANY message to both CZARNIK-L and CZARNIK-D, send e-mail to  Messages sent to this e-mail address appear in both lists.

BTW, a digest is just a way to collect all the messages sent in one period as one e-mail (rather than one e-mail per message).  Currently the digest version will collect all messages in an 18 hour period, or when the digest becomes larger than 32K.

Any problems, send e-mail to

Look forward to your e-mails to or further postings in the forum / message board - The Czarnik Surname Message Board - Link to page on WWW 

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