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Submit YOUR Info

One of the most important pages of this web site.  By submitting your information to this site you make this site more helpful for your next "cousin" and could save them a tremendous amount of time in research.

We have already found on more than one occasion in our early research that you can't pick where the next cousin will come.  Late in 2000 we doubled the size of one section of our family tree as an 85 year old relation (we didn't know him previously) was surfing the web and just happened across our files !

We have chosen to seek your information via e-mail rather than a web form.  While we would appreciate a lot of the typical fields that a web form would make easy for us to request,  it would not easily allow you to submit attachments, large files, etc.

The typical format for genealogy info exchange is GEDCOM.  For details on GEDCOM, see Czarnik SRC - GEDCOM Defined.  So preferred format for submission of your family tree data is GEDCOM.

As an aside, we use Family Tree Maker, so if you are using this format, feel free to send the file in Family Tree Maker format.  This will retain much more information.

So, to submit information send e-mail to .  Before submitting GEDCOM files, please review Info About Submitting GEDCOM Files.

If you have queries in relation to the Czarnik Surname, (especially if they don't involve attached files, etc) you can alternatively use Czarnik SRC - Surname Queries.

General issues in relation to comments, suggestions or assistance you can also use Czarnik SRC - Feedback.

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