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Meaning / Origin

The mission of the Czarnik SRC

"One thing we have discovered is that we are a nation of wanderers. Our ancestors have wandered the globe, and often left us with only one clue to trace their heritage, their surname." -Unknown

While this site has a focus on the Czarnik family, by virtue of the means to research and provide easy access to the Czarnik family, the tools, process and enthusiasm will be available to all who seek it.

We strive to provide as much information about the family, and family members as is possible, always remaining sensitive the feelings of the living relatives and the memory of those who we now miss.  We also acknowledge that there may be alternative or related spellings of the name Czarnik, and so please assume that all these are included when we reference "Czarnik".

Formally the specific variants covered by this site are -

bulletCzerny        - 22 May, 2002
bulletHave evidence that a family member changed surname of Czarnik to Czerny for himself and all descendants.  Believed to be about 1921.

Undated names are included effective 1 Mar, 2001.  Additional variants after that date will be listed with date along side of the name.

It is also our policy NOT to infringe on copyright, trademarks, etc.  If we mistakenly do so, by contacting we will make the necessary corrections as soon as is practical.

This will include, but is not limited to -

bulletlisting all the "cousins" researching the Czarnik name
bulletlink to all pages of interest to people researching the Czarnik name
bulletcollect all information pertaining to the name Czarnik and the bearers of the name Czarnik, that might in some way facilitate the research of the surname, Czarnik
bulletpresent this information on the web so that is can be freely accessed by any of our "cousins" at any time, from any place.

"In order for all our cousins to be gathered together,
from wherever they may have wandered, 
you need a nest to gather them in."

A note of special importance - This is not the project of one person, it is the collective result of many peoples' efforts.  The more help we have, the more info we can find, and the quicker we can let everyone interested know about it.  We need your help to do this.  Please contribute to this project.

While obviously we find it easiest to provide our personal info, please remember that we strive to collect information on everyone with a particular surname, from anywhere in the world.

Site established 01/01/01 (01 January 2001).  Page created 2 Jan, 2001.  Last updated 22 May 2002 16:47 +1000 Hit Counter

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