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bullet 12 July, 2003
bulletPublishing of some information about Czarnik's in San Diego, California, USA and the surrounding area. (See Czarnik SRC - Family Trees).  Includes their family tree in Family Tree Maker file format.  (See Czarnik SRC - Archives - California).
bullet16 June, 2003
bulletFound some interesting Polish history and language links and have included them on Czarnik SRC - Poland.
bullet29 January, 2003
bulletSome free downloadable forms (and software) made available to help make collecting your family tree information easier.   See Czarnik SRC - Genealogy Links - Share.
bullet27 January, 2003
bulletUpdated Czarnik SRC - Meaning and Origins of the Name to bring information onto this site.
bulletRecognise that the link Surname Researchers Link to page on WWW doesn't take you were it should.  We will investigate and update
bulletA probable solution was initiated at Czarnik SRC - Surname Researchers
bulletUpdated a number of hyperlinks and where link itself had to be retained, included "Road Closed Ahead" icon.  Refer to Czarnik SRC - Symbol Legend
bullet03 October, 2002
bulletAddition of reference to links to each USA State Archive in Czarnik SRC - Genealogy Links.
bulletInclusion of NY Times article on Popularity of Online listed in Czarnik SRC - Articles.
bulletWe have changed hosting service providers and have adjusted our bottom border accordingly.
bullet08 September, 2002
bulletCreation of new section for "Czarnik on Maps" in Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland with the inclusion of maps of Zaborˇw.
bulletSee Czarnik SRC - Family Photos for a link to a photo of Zaborˇw near Rzeszˇw.
bullet 05 September, 2002
bulletInclusion of History of Polish Surnames in 920 Biography, Genealogy & Insignia section of Czarnik SRC - Poland.
bulletUpdate of Czarnik SRC - Genealogy Links with -
bulletGeneral Info - Genealogy Websites & their Rankings list
bulletGeneral Search - ProGenealogists research service reference
bullet 03 September, 2002
bulletInclusion of Catholic Diocese info and Polish Board Surnames as part of Czarnik SRC - Poland.
bulletWorried about what to keep and what to throw out of all those "memories".  See Czarnik SRC - Article - Treasures in my own home
bullet 06 August, 2002
bulletObituary for Julia SWANTEK CZARNIK of Geno, Nebraska, USA.  See Czarnik records / archives from Nebraska.
bulletReplace Mind-It with  See above and Welcome.
bulletIncluded "Real Genealogy - Not Just Links" logo on Welcome page.
bullet 19 June, 2002
bulletReplace a broken link for Europe on the Czarnik SRC - Poland page.
bullet 11 June, 2002
bulletPleased to announce a new section of our Archives of Poland section - News articles.  See a Czarnik of Poland mentioned in The Boston Globe.  Refer to Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland
bulletWe are sponsoring the Genealogy Research pages of Podkarpackie Province of Poland.  This is where our branch of the Czarniks originate from.  See the KEYWORDS: 920 Genealogy section of Czarnik SRC - Poland
bullet 25 May, 2002
bulletRootsWeb announces the Czarnik Mailing list.  See Czarnik SRC - Article - Rootsweb announces Czarnik list.
bulletAdded 11 new links about genealogy research in Poland.  See Czarnik SRC - Poland for details
bullet 22 May, 2002
bulletFormally extend the variations of the surnames covered by the Czarnik SRC to include Czerny.  Refer to Czarnik SRC - Mission for details.
bulletUpdate Czarnik SRC - Genealogy Links, Search Section with info about a mailing list index.
bulletUpdate Czarnik SRC - Czarnik Homepage Links Info section with the reference to the RootsWeb entry for Czarnik surname mailing list.
bullet 21 May, 2002 - Updated the automated mailing list information for "Interested in Czarnik Surname" to be more detailed.  Refer to Czarnik SRC - Interest List
bullet 14 May, 2002
bulletUpdated the links to the Czarnik Surname Message Board (several sprinkled around our site).  See Czarnik SRC - Surname Queries.
bulletChanged our manual mailing list for "Interested in Czarnik Surname" to a more automated one.  See Czarnik SRC - Interest List
bullet 28 January, 2002 - Updated and added web rings to bottom of our Welcome page
bullet 20 January, 2002
bulletAdded Marge Sandlier's references to the Czarniks in Czarnik SRC - Family Trees
bulletAdded another genealogy site (RootsWeb) to our search section of Czarnik SRC - Genealogy Links.
bullet09 January, 2002
bulletAdded Adalbertus Czarnik family info in Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland
bulletRepaired some links, especially in Czarnik SRC - Query Submission Form
bulletAdded rating in Worldwide Genealogy Topsites 
bullet17 November, 2001
bulletUpdated Live Online Help references and info.
bulletIncluded new info Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland
bullet16 June, 2001 - Feedback form submission problem resolved.
bullet30 January, 2001 - Oops, our page banners were down due to an editing glitch  Fixed now, and just to let you know that each of the pages should have an "across the top of the page" banner with a title on it.  If the page is a subordinate one (i.e. there are no navigation buttons on the pages anywhere on the site) then the page will have a plain text heading.  Thanks for all your feedback on the site.  More "Czarnik" content will be coming in due course.
bullet23 January, 2001 - We are pleased and proud to announce that SurnameWeb.Org Link to page on WWW , the organisation responsible for Surname Resource Centres, has formally approved the Czarnik Surname Resource Centre (SRC).  See Czarnik SRC - Approved by SurnameWeb for full details.
In addition we have changed to a more friendly HumanClick button.  Visit Czarnik SRC - Human Click Explained for more details on HumanClick.
Variants of the surname Czarnik will be referenced by SurnameWeb.Org Link to page on WWW formally pointing to the Czarnik SRC effective 1 Mar, 2000.  Visit Czarnik SRC - Mission for the list of variants.  Any objections (or requests for expansion) should contact  
We are also pleased to be the 441st member of the SurnameRing.  The SurnameRing, an affiliate of the SurnameWeb, links to surname related homepages on the web. These are genealogy sites
that show interest in detailing the surname research of their webmasters. 
bullet15 January, 2001 - Addition of Find A Grave links in both Czarnik SRC - Czarnik Homepage Links and Czarnik SRC - Genealogy Links
bullet11 January, 2001 - Set so if you select and external link it opens in a new browser window.
bullet10 January, 2001 - Major update of the Czarnik SRC - Including but not limited to guest book, interactive questionnaire about automating the "Interested in Czarnik Surname" distribution list, more Czarnik and general genealogy links added.
bullet1 January, 2001 - Czarnik Surname Resource Centre created at present location.

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