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Well no Surname Resource Centre site for the surname Czarnik would be complete unless you included information about the country of ethnic origin, Poland.  We certainly would not claim to be the be all and end all source of information on Poland.  But what we will start with are some links that we have identified in our WWW travels, that cover things starting from the basic geography (yes MAPS!), culture, history and where possible specific genealogical links that may help us and others find more info about our family's specifics.

As briefly detailed in Accessgenealogy Researcher Listings for Czarnik Road closed ahead the immediate family (late 1800's) related directly to Larry & Colleen Czarnik come from Zaborow, a town in SE Poland near Rzeszow.  For more details about Czarniks in Poland, see Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland.


Since some of the sites below are in Polish, we though it useful to include a link to a English-Polish, Polish-English web based translator we have just found.  InterTran (tm) Link to page on WWW  As we get more familiar with InterTran we will incorporate it more into our website.

[2003JN16 - Webmaster note:  We are disappointed to find that InterTran(tm) now only charges for their service / software.  We will find another web based English-Polish-English translation service shortly.  If you have any leads or ideas, please e-mail]
Note: All major links on this page are external Link to page on WWW and will open a new browser window.


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Poland Home Page
Looks like it's the real official home page of Poland (in English). Thought it should be, but ...
Explore Poland
Site with link to many other business, travel, etc. (in Polish)
Map of Poland
Interactive map of Poland (great for quick look but limited zoom)
We have also placed a limited number of some specific maps in our Czarnik SRC - Archives - Poland - Maps - Maps of Zaborów page.
Polish Home Pages
Polish home pages suggested by Faculty of Physics at Warsaw University.

KEYWORDS: 920 Biography, Genealogy & Insignia;

Specific to Poland
Podkarpackie Province of Poland
For genealogical research information, including interactive mapping, list of counties, cities and some towns, message board, query facility and links to other research resource and a photo gallery.  Part of the PolandGenWeb project.
Recommended in RootsWeb Review Vol 5, No. 21, 22 May 2002 and appears to be an EXCELLENT resource for Polish research.  From their "About" page - 

The PolandGenWeb Project was created to help you, the genealogical researcher, to uncover your Polish ancestry. Part of the WorldGenWeb Project, the website provides visitors with research tutorials, maps (historic and present day), town locators and town lists, translation aids, archives addresses, and much more. 
PolandGenWeb Help pages
Help pages so good that they warrant a special, separate mention.  From the Help page itself - 

Here you will find links to many pages, both within and outside of our web site. Our goal at PolandGenWeb is to provide you with as much information to help you research your Polish roots, whether you are still searching in the country of immigration or have found enough information to research in Poland. 
Poland's Provinces' WorldGenWeb Project Coordinators
Out of courtesy it is best not to contact the Coordinator until after you have visited the Country and Provinces' web site(s).  (Scroll down for Poland and it's provinces).
A Guide to Genealogy and Poland
This is a comprehensive guide to genealogical research in Poland with information on all aspects of Polish research.  [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
The Polish Genealogy Source dedicated to collecting, preserving and sharing resource to trace Polish Heritage. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
Jewish Records Indexing: Poland
A searchable database of indexes to 19th century Jewish vital records from current and former Polish territories. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
Rafal T Prinke's Polish Genealogy
There is an English version of this site available which includes valuable information and links for Polish research. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
Federation of East European Family History Societies site for Poland
List Polish societies and organisations, accessible databases, maps and other Polish resources. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
JewishGen's Vital Records in Poland by Warren Blatt
Detailed information on the Polish system including specific information  on Polish Jewish records microfilmed by the LDS. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
Russian-Baltic Information Centre site for Polish genealogy research in the Russian State Historic Archives. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
Polish Genealogy Forum
Where you can post and view messages. [Courtesy "Websites for Genealogists" by Cora Num, 6th ed 2002, Pg 73,] 
Catholic Dioceses in Poland
Listing of all dioceses with formal address, e-mail and web sites where available.
Poland Border Surnames
A site devoted to those researching genealogy in the former historical borders of Poland including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moravia, Hungary, Russia, the Balkans, and East Prussia.
History of Polish Surnames
The 10-volume, 6000+ page "Slownik Nazwisk" (History of Polish Surnames) by Rymut is now online! It's in Polish, but if you use the InterTran translation site (mentioned above), you get a pretty good translation into English (or most other languages).  One hint, if you need to use a diacritic on a letter in spelling a surname to look up and can't, use an * or ? symbol instead. The "Szukaj" button means "search".

KEYWORDS: 940 Europe History;

Polish History & Culture
The World Encyclopaedia
Poland the Country And Its People
Text prepared and issued for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Poland

KEYWORDS: 400 Language;

Learn to Speak Polish
Learn Polish online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language. Write or speak Polish online to improve grammar or conversation.
A language exchange complements other forms of learning such as classroom, immersion and multimedia, because you get to practice all that you have learned with native speakers in a safe and supportive environment.
English-Polish Dictionary
This online English-Polish Dictionary contains approximately 2000 words, phrases, and expressions. The terms are taken from general English language, including first names. This web site is dedicated to promoting the knowledge of Polish language among English-speaking people around the world.


Europa / European Union
While some may argue the EU is NOT Europe, this is a better site that shows maps and some history of Europe as a whole.  Not all links that stem from this page are valid, but enough are to make it worthwhile and interesting.  Please offer and suggestions for other sites via Czarnik SRC - Feedback

Contact to add links to this page.

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